Passion for music, coupled with powerhouse confidence, was the overall mood of the recently concluded MART Throwback Thursday Rockeoke Night, held last May 29, 2014 at Vyne, BonifacioGlobalCity. The event was hosted by Philip Recto of ICAP Philippines.

Rockeoke has gained popularity in the Philippines because it gives the audience the opportunity to live the dream of being a rock star, even for just a night. MART members, whether dealers or brokers, did not fail the organizers as the microphone was never unoccupied. People volunteered and rushed to list their names, so they can come up to the stage and showcase their talents. The first ten brave souls were rewarded with Php 1,000.00 each and the best singer amongst the first ten volunteers was awarded Php 5,000.00. Mr. Carlo Calaquian, a talented gentleman from RCBC, bagged the best singer award with the song “I’ll be” as his winning piece.

In between songs, names were drawn for winners of different raffle prizes such as Instax mini cameras, Beats headsets, cash rewards of Php 5,000.00 and the grand prize of Php 20,000.00. Excitement filled the room as name after name was called. Everyone was secretly hoping to win, dealers and brokers alike. At the end of the night, everyone turned out to be winners, enjoying all the food and drinks, singing and socializing with fellow market participants.

The night ended earlier than usual, but for sure, memories of that splendid event are worth remembering to inspire the next throwback Thursday.  MART’s first traders’ night for 2014 proved that passion and confidence are all you need, be it to rock a simple rockeoke night away or to conquer a rather complicated profession we all love, that is trading.


By: Randy Lester Salonga